Thursday, November 21, 2019

From Social Media Revolution to Social Media Evolution Dissertation

From Social Media Revolution to Social Media Evolution - Dissertation Example Marketing executives of five telecom company were approached to answer the questionnaire about SMM strategies and approach of their company. The method adopted in this research is qualitative research approach coalescing diverse case studies in the research strategy. SMM executives of five telecom companies were each provided with a specific questionnaire coordinated to their terrain of business. The five cases were analyzed with the help of data collected from the questionnaire. On the whole, result of this thesis concludes that communication by means of SM is still in the evolutionary stages of its development. Companies in general commend SM as a successful tool to surpass and sustain marketing communication, nevertheless, companies applaud SM as a tool for marketing communication. SM has brought revolution in the realm of communication, it holds immense growth potential concerning delineation and stipulation or blueprint of distinct platforms, for the reason that not all the avai lable platforms are convenient and relevant for every company. Table of Content Abstract....................

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